Silke Derudder

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Dancefloor Run

Installation / Three.js / Experimental / Arduino / Concept / Game


An experimental installation created for JEF festival.

Devine Howest & JEF Festival
Jürgen Peuteman and me
Concept, buidling and development

The challenge

For the course experimental installations, we had to create an interactive game for a Belgian youth film festival called JEFF. This game had to be a physical installation for kids to interact with, had to run stable during the day and be easily reconstructed by people without (much) technical know-how. There were a couple of technologies that could be used, for example: openframeworks, arduino, makeymakey, kinect etc. We had a couple of classes where we learned all about the basics of Arduino and electronics but other than that we had to find out everything ourselves.



We really wanted to include a multiplayer aspect to achieve some competition between players. The theme for the game was dance, since this was the theme of the festival. There are two players in the game: the mouse and the feet on the dance-floor. The mouse has to travel as far as possible without being trampled by the feet of the dancing people. When the mouse gets trampled, the players switch sides. The player that traversed the largest distance on the dance-floor wins the game.


Building it

Building a rather large and physical game was something completely new for both of us. We had little to no experience with electronics and wood construction but managed to create something that we were very proud of and gave us a lot of insight and new skills. The whole project took a lot of effort for Jürgen and me but in the end it was very satisfying. We had loads of fun and sleepless nights building it but it was totally worth it!



Another deliverable was an instructions document on how to assemble and set up the whole installation. For this, we heavily got inspired by the lego instructions and therefore used the same structure and kind of visuals. Luckily I partnered up with a 3D wonder whereby the images turned out amazing and super detailed.

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