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Vertigo: David Lynch

Storytelling / Concept / Design / Development / Interactive / Longread


An interactive longread about David Lynch on how he became a film maker.

Devine Howest
Billie Vanderhaeghen and me
Research, UX, design and development
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The challenge

The aim of this schoolproject was to create an interactive long read article about a director for Vertigo. Vertigo is mainly known by film fanatics, but for this assignment they wanted us to aim for a larger audience. We also had to figure out a fun way to guide the audience through the story of the person behind the picture. There were a couple of requirements tied to this assignment. First and foremost the site had to be responsive. Secondly the Google PageSpeed Insight had to be at least 90% for both mobile and desktop. The site had to have at least two integrated interactive elements, built using React. And finally the project had to be managed through Github.



After doing some research, we decided to talk about David Lynch’s progress from being a painter to his first film projects. Once we found enough information, we had a rough idea what the structure of our article would be and decided to make storyboards out of it. The reason why we wanted to use storyboards instead of wireframes was first of all because we got inspired by an article Pitchfork's creative director wrote about how he aproaches their longreads. Secondly, it was much easier for us to visualise our interactive ideas and think more out of the box. We also used Pinterest to visualise everything and make a style- and moodboard.


The longread

Even though we didn't need to write the text ourselves (minimum 1500 words), we decided to do it. By reading all about David Lynch's life, we thought the story would be much more powerful if we'd tell it ourselves. It also allowed us to maintain the same style of writing, which would in turn keep the user's attention.

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