Silke Derudder

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Concept / Design / Development / Mental Health / MVP


A platform that helps young adults coach themselves into a positive mental health status by offering personal challenges.

Devine Howest and Howest HLS
Lisa Lapon and me
Concept, UX, research, development
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The challenge

Mental health is still a hard topic to talk about. That's why the course Applied Health and Lifestyle Sciences from Howest challenged us to make a platform for it. The most important thing about the platform had to be the fact that it helps young adults to coach themselves so their mental health improves. For the deliverables we had to be able to show some decent research, a case movie, design and an MVP of the development part.



Yup is all about positivity. It's a slang youngsters use to say "yes" in Dutch. Therefore, the main focus of this project is that we want to challenge people to say "yup" more often. On the platform we made, we offer a challenge a day. Challenges ensure you not to get stuck in bad routines but to open up your mind to make yourself better every day. Top top it of, we offer a generated Spotify playlist, specially made for the user, after every completed personal challenge. This, to motivate youngsters even more and remind them to the fact that mental health is super important.



The request to make something about mental health was totally out of our comfort zone. To decently understand everything about mental health, we started of doing some research about the topic itself. After getting al the needed information, we needed to know what people that struggle with mental health issues are in need of. After retrieving the wanted info from those people we started creating different kind of concepts. We pitched all those ideas to our teachers and mentor and processed the feedback we got until our concept was just right. Next, we made user journeys, picked out our wanted content, made flowcharts and tested our flow with wireframe mockups.



Typography and tone of voice are very important for this concept. Since the Yup-factor on the platform is very bold, we let ourselves get inspired by brutalism. Another thing we wanted to make sure was that the layout had to be innovative so it would not only stand out of all other mental health platforms, but also address the youngsters that normally wouldn't reach out to mental health problems.

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